I'm a designer and picture-taker based in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Currently Lead Creative at FortyTwo Studio. I help build brands for all kinds of businesses across print, web and anywhere else we can think of.

I take a lot of photos, whether that's film or digital, for fun or commercial clients. Otherwise I like to spend my time wrapped up in 5mm of neoprene, exploring the Scottish surf.



Platinum & Gold Awards

3 Platinum & 1 Gold Marcom Awards for Digital, Print and Brand work 

- August 2016

Published at GDFS 2016

Poster selected for print as part of the GDFS collaboartive identity project 

- September 2016

Surfing Nicaragua

Surf trip to South America with good friends and good waves

- August 2015

RAR Finalist X 12

12 nominations for RAR and RAR digital awards - did't win one

- June 2014

Published - The Brief 

Typographic poster selected by Hort for the first release of the Brief.press

- September 2016

Polka X FortyTwo

Polka Design creates bespoke studio space for FortyTwo's new offices

- March 2016

FortyTwo Studio

I joined FortyTwo as Creative Lead - Stoked!

- December 2015

150th Royal Photographic Society

My work was selected from thousands of global submissions for exhibition at the societies annual exhibition

- August 2009

Featured Projects:

A Portrait of Nowhere - The Pacific Highway.

History of a Third Place.

"The unique creativity which Sam brings to a project is outstanding and executes it with genuine passion for delivering first class work. He clearly thrives on working as part of a team and bouncing ideas between his colleagues and clients, which is equally an enjoyable part of any project between both parties"