Street snowboarding in Aberdeen City.

Aberdeen is a cold and gritty place to live at the best of times, and when winter gets going temperatures can drop down into the minus twenties. Schools, roads and businesses are forced to close, and it’s the snow that everyone’s moaning about. But for a select few, this is when the city comes alive. The handrail you see every day on the way to work, that container at the building site or the drop off that wall all look do-able now they’ve been blessed with a covering of snow.

This is a breif glance at some of the people who look at the city that wee bit differently when the snow falls.

Andy Laird , Front Lips the Hospital double kink

Jon Addison, 360 out at sunrise down by the sea.

Kevin Cowie, Gaps to flat in an old car showroom.

Jon Addison, taps in the dark.

Jon 5-O's the Fire station handrail. Banchory

— The run-out for this goes right past the back gardens of the locals. At about one in the morning, out comes this lassie who we thought was definitely gonna give us the boot for   making a racket at her backdoor, but much to our surprise, she brings a few cups of tea and a packet of biscuits. After bit of small talk, all was well, but then the chat turned sour after she announced she was a SciFi nut and goes to all those conventions dressed as a Klingon, and was up watching a Babylon 5 marathon… Still, stoked on the free cuppa.

Neil Crucikshank, Ninja's the Container.

Mark Watson gest inverted. Banchory Skatepark - RIP